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Want to make an impact on your local community and make money at the same time? It’s easy, convenient, and plays a part in changing the grocery industry for the better.

Earn Money by Scanning Store Items on Your Phone, at Your Convenience

Each week, Basket assigns Smart Data Missions (SDMs). Simply complete each Mission by visiting local grocery stores. All you need is your Basket app, a fully-charged smart phone with WiFi and transportation (✓!). Make a little money on the side, or get more ambitious.

Scan whenever, wherever. You’re the boss.

Our national team works to add real-time prices at local stores and on everyone’s favorite products. Putting the shopper first, we’re changing how people shop together, and we want you! Contribute prices while grocery shopping in your neighborhood and even take on special store inventory missions or audits. Decide what works best for you.

Basket phone app

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Scan in-store prices with your smart phone at your convenience.


Enter additional price details, perhaps take a product photo, or engage in a special 'mission.'

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All done! Check Paypal every other Friday for payment of the last two week’s work.