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Real-time pricing insight, built for brands.

Welcome to the first ever platform to capture real-time prices for your products – and your competitor’s – nationwide.

  • Unlock visibility into private label store brands.
  • Receive actionable insights on competitive data.
  • Analyze a brand-specific database of historical pricing.
  • Access on-the-shelf consumer offers and in-store audits.
  • Get on-demand verification of trade schedules in real-time.
Basket Price History

Sales-driving decisions can seem impossible to make without the proper data. Are you tired of a 30-day delay for data, and waiting months for information from costly legacy data providers? Are you sick of not knowing whether or not retailers are accurately following your promotions or pricing? Start making intelligent decisions in real-time. No waiting, just data.

Who is it for?

  • Shopper Marketing Teams
  • Revenue Management
  • In Field Sales Teams
  • Brand Managers
  • Retail Focused Financial Institutions
  • Management Consulting Firms

Ideal For
All Brands

Whether you’re a large brand needing to enrich data, or a small or midsize brand needing a primary source of data.

Work With Your Customers

From list creation at home to the check-out at the store, make sure shoppers have all the information about your product in the most personalized way possible.

Lead the Change

With an ever-changing grocery industry, be a leader in the space and expect a new level of transparency and access to your information, and your competitors.

Basket Insights

Basket Insights
for Your Brand

  1. Customize your insights to display a high-level national view, or specific market locations.
  2. Explore 18 billion historical prices, including in-store pricing from brands who are no longer included by legacy data providers as well as non-traditional grocers, such as dollar stores, warehouses, and deep discounters.
  3. Obtain real-time snapshots often missed when audits are on a pre-determined schedule, including in-store audits, customized surveys, and on-the-shelf consumer offers.

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"Insight from [Basket’s] data could help the country’s biggest brands...compete more effectively."

"Retailers could better analyze data on pricing and promotion in real-time."

Shoppers helping shoppers, helping you

Basket Insights provides real-time actionable information so you can better analyze, decide, promote and compete.

Shopper Marketing Lead

Brand Manager

Advertising Agency Manager

Billions of real-time prices. Delay-free data.
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