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Real-time pricing insight, powered by shoppers.

Basket Insights is our breakthrough platform for brands and retailers, powered by the largest community of grocery shoppers in the world. We are the first to capture real-time prices of your products, and your competitors, nationwide. Finally see the big picture clearer and faster than ever before.

Basket Price History

Access Real Insights

Gain real-time knowledge of your competitors’ products and pricing based on our community of Basket shoppers.

Work With Your Customers

From list creation at home to the check-out at the store, make sure shoppers have all the information about your product in the most personalized way possible.

Lead the Change

With an ever-changing grocery industry, be a leader in the space and expect a new level of transparency and access to your information, and your competitors.

Basket Insights


  1. Basket Insights captures real-time prices of your products, and your competitors, nationwide.
  2. See new sales prices at retail chains across the country and online marketplaces too.
  3. Filter by different locations to see your product and competitors in a targeted area.

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"Insight from [Basket’s] data could help the country’s biggest brands...compete more effectively."

"The grocery shopping app for the 99%."

"Retailers could better analyze data on pricing and promotion in real-time."

"New ways to find bargains… a smart phone app called Basket."

"Basket is to groceries what Kayak is to airfares and Trip Advisor is to hotel rooms."

Shoppers helping shoppers, helping you

Basket Insights provides real-time actionable information so you can better analyze, decide, promote and compete.

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