It starts off with Halloween and just goes downhill from there. One second you’re carving pumpkins, the next you’re carving turkeys, and suddenly it’s time to deck the halls. If you’re getting anxious over the amount of money you’re potentially about to spend in the upcoming weeks, you’re not alone.

Between presents, food, and the cost of traveling to and from relatives, it’s easy for the cost of the holidays to pile up. But, don’t let that overshadow what should be a merry and bright time. Instead, check out these easy ways to earn extra cash for the holiday.

1. Clean Out the Closet

How many times have you passed over that pair of jeans or sweater in your closet that you knew you’d never wear, but they were in too nice of a condition to simply toss in the trash? While donating your extra clothes is a fantastic gesture, especially during the holiday season, there is another method of getting rid of unwanted clothing.

Sell it! Think of stores like Plato’s Closet, or apps like Poshmark. While you can simply roundup your gently worn clothing, handbags, and footwear and bring them to a physical retailer to sell, you can also hop on your phone or computer and post them yourself, taking bids for the best price. It’s win-win: you free up space in the closet and you make extra holiday cash.

2. Sell Those Old Electronics

Did you hang onto your old phone last time you upgraded? What about old video game consoles, games, or DVDs? Instead of collecting dust, turn a profit on them. Apps like Decluttr, OfferUp, and LetGo allow you to sell your used media items for quick holiday money. Make room for the new, and add some green to your wallet.

3. Join the Retail Force

This goes without saying, but the holidays are the busiest time for shoppers and retailers alike. Stores all over the nation are rushing to hire seasonal workers to more efficiently stock shelves, help customers, and run checkout.

Do a search in your area. Chances are, openings in retail stores are popping up like weeds, and you can easily cash in on them.

4. Seasonal Customer Service Rep

Maybe you would rather stay at home than hang in the store. We get that. That doesn’t mean you can’t cash out on the retail extravaganza. From Amazon to 1-800-FLOWERS, online retailers around the country are being hit with thousands of holiday shoppers. Because of this, plenty of retailers are hiring seasonal work-from-home customer service representatives.

Handle customer calls, answer frequently asked questions, and make money all from the comfort of your own home this holiday season. Use a job search engine to search for these types of roles in your area, and check local listings.

5. Offer a Holiday Deep Clean

Are you known for your spotless floors and impeccable, dust-free home? With a majority of houses in your area preparing to be overflowing with visitors, it’s likely that quite a few wouldn’t mind enlisting you for your cleaning services.

It’s as easy as creating a listing of services, such as dusting shelves, cleaning carpets, and washing the tile and grout in bathrooms and kitchens. Create reasonable pricing, add some images of your super-clean work, and post your listing to your social media account along with any local groups in your area, such as Nextdoor.

6. Parents’ Night Out

Maybe you’re better with kids than you are cleaning. Take “baby-sitting” up a notch then. During the holidays, parents will be running to and fro, from last-minute shopping to company holiday parties. As opposed to looking after the children of one or two families, enlist the help of a few well-qualified friends and host a parents’ night out for five to seven kids.

Charge a uniform price of $25 to $30 per child and babysit from 6 p.m. to midnight. Provide snacks, fun activities like coloring or decorating ornaments, and watch holiday movies. If you’re hesitant about offering this service to complete strangers, start with your friends, family, and co-workers. Most parents are happy to find an adult they know and trust to babysit, and will be more than willing to pay for a few hours of freedom.

7. Get in the Grocery Game

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the wonders of grocery delivery by now. Plenty of businesses will pay you to shop for another customer’s grocery items, and deliver them to their home. But if all of that driving just doesn’t seem to be your thing (snowy season can make that part a bit annoying), try looking for in-store shopping positions.

This means that you’ll simply go from aisle to aisle scooping up products on a person’s shopping list and carting them off to someone else who will deliver them to a user’s front door.

8. Make Money Grocery Shopping

While you’re already in the grocery store, why not make money shopping? Apps like Basket allow you to scan in-store prices for grocery products, and make money per scan. They’ll even make it fun, sending you weekly missions which detail the stores and products in your area you need to scan.

Since the array of holiday dinners you’re likely to be invited to, or to be hosting, will have you in the grocery store anyway, earn extra cash by simply scanning as you go.

9. Offer Your Gift Wrapping Services

Let’s face it, wrapping gifts is a talent that not everyone possesses. But, do you? Put together a portfolio of images of your work, test-wrap a few samples and head to local gift shops. Post your talents to your social media. People purchase lots of gifts each year, and most would like a more personalized gift-giving experience than a gift bag.

Scout your neighborhood and start networking, from family and friends to local businesses, and start raking in extra money during the holidays simply by wrapping gifts.

10. Pet-Sitting

Thousands of people will be leaving their beloved pets at home or boarding them. If you’ll be home for the holidays, want to make some extra bucks, and love animals, this is your opportunity to cash out. Pet-sitting for a few days can help soothe the financial stress of the holiday season.

Well, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for extra money for the holidays, now is your chance!