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Stop Everything: It’s Mac and Cheese Day

Every year, there’s one day in particular that the Basket team just cannot wait for. You might guess that we’re referring to our birthdays, or a company anniversary. But, if you read the title for this blog you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about: Mac and Cheese Day! Yes, July 14 is National Mac and…

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What Your Favorite Type of French Fry Says about You

There’s a plethora of reasons to love potatoes: they’re low in calories and high in nutrients, you can make alcohol with them, and – best of all – they give us french fries! While we love a creamy mashed potato, a roasted garlic potato, and a good old fashioned baked potato, nothing quite compares to…

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The Future of Grocery, in Two Contrasting Experiences

Grocery is so hot right now. Just a year after Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, the fight to own the future of one of the largest consumer industries is just getting started. Having been working to innovate on behalf for shoppers for the past five years, I’ve seen a lot change in the industry over…

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Do You Know How Much These Grocery Items Will Total?

There is nothing worse than being blindsided by your grocery total. All too often shoppers check off the items on their grocery list and head to the cashier, totally unaware of how much their groceries will cost them. This typically leads to a lot of confusion once their total has been announced, and sometimes, shoppers…

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America Heats Up Its BBQ Basket Battle

O say can you see … the grocery savings for the Independence Day barbecue, all across the land of the free and the home of the brave? That’s right, throughout America the grocery lists have been made and the shopping trips are about to begin. Bring on the hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and buns. Get…

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Fourth of July Celebration Basket Budget Menu

The Fourth of July: The day when We The People fire up the grill, pop fireworks, and gather together with our friends and family to celebrate our Independence. With most of us planning a get together or BBQ of some sort, we figured Basket would help out with the most expensive aspect: the food. Luckily,…

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Behind the Growing Basket Force

We’re growing — and fast! Today, Basket announced that it hired a new head of our shopper community as well as leads in finance, sales, and engineering. That means our start-up has doubled in size in just two months, and is racing to expand its grocery platform, making it even easier and faster to compare…

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These Are the Awesome Basket Dads

Can they build the largest community of grocery shoppers in the world and still prioritize time for family? “YES!” Did you know that Basket was founded and built by a dad? As a parent of three buying diapers, our CEO Neil Kataria wondered if he was getting the best savings ordering items online from Amazon…

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Grab a Spoon for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Here are the top 3 cities in America to find chocolate ice cream at the cheapest prices.  Calling all certified chocoholics! National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is Thursday, June 7 (#ChocolateIceCreamDay to see frozen deliciousness from around the country!). Want to get your two scoops at home and finish up with an Instagram-worthy chocolate mustache? The Basket…

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Dive into National Doughnut Day Deliciousness

Can’t score free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day? Basket has the next best thing. Donut you know? June 1 is National Doughnut Day! Go ahead and let your inner doughnut-loving dork out and indulge in some of that delicious fried dough confection. There’s free doughnut give-aways all over the country. Local bakeries and chains such as…

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Basket Budget Menus: Memorial Day BBQ in a Pinch

What a better way to welcome summer than by whipping up a bunch of tasty dishes with friends and family. Memorial Day is a time when the temperatures are rising, delicious fruits and veggies are coming into season, and sales are popping up left and right. If you’re throwing a Memorial Day get-together, you don’t…

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Behind the Scenes at the ‘STEVE’ Show with Steve Harvey

From eyeing the bourbon BBQ chicken wings to singing ‘Hey Steve’ piano tunes – Basket Co-founder Andy Ellwood breaks down the “hilarious,” “unreal” and “so fun” moments from the ‘STEVE’ show.  All last week, the Basket app was featured on the STEVE Show with Steve Harvey. For five days straight, Chef Lawrence Page, the star of…

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STEVE Show Special Guests: Basket!

Can you guess who’s going to be on the STEVE show with Steve Harvey? That’s right, these guys! When to Tune In: Basket is going to be an exclusive guest on the Daytime Emmy award winning television show, STEVE! And not just for one show – for FIVE! Tune into STEVE on your local network…

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